Here you will find technical information for safe application of enamel paints. We strive to ensure safe use of Heavy Paints® products at all times and have illustrated a safe working guide with 5 key steps for successful application of paints supplied.

If any doubt seek the help of a professional, always allow adequate ventilation and exercise safe working practises at all times.

Ensure that the relevant PPE is worn at all times; Gloves, mask & goggles as a minimum.

5 Step Application Guide

1: Paint can be mixed with synthetic thinners for additional coverage and increased flow rate through spray equipment. Mix ratios for thinners are from 15%-20% of overall tin quantity eg. 200ml to 1 Litre. 

2: Mix the thinners with the paint thoroughly for a consistent spray and finish, shaking vigorously for 18 - 24 seconds will ensure this, doing so at room temperature (20 ℃)

3:  For best results use a commercial spray gun with a tip width of 1.3-1.5mm. This will allow for a smooth flow of enamel paint, combine this with a pressure of 4.0 - 5.0 bar air pressure from compressor. Note: Paint can be applied with roller or for best results use spray equipment, this paint is not suitable for brushing

4: Once applied allow paint to cure in a well ventilated area, the first 60 minutes after application will allow for synthetic fumes to release, please continue to wear protective breathing mask during this time

5: Dry times for enamel paints supplied by Heavy Paints are 60 minutes to be dust free at room temperature, then allow a full 24 hours for the paint to fully harden and ready for site use. This process can be sped up by use of spray booth with heating/ventilation equipment.

Additional technical specification:


Bonding agent base: modified alkyd resins

Dry solids: 52-58%

Basic viscosity (DIN 53 211): thixotropic

Specific weight (DIN 51 757): 0.97–1.18 kg/l

Gloss level (DIN 67 530) 80%/60°

Temperature resistance: continuous load 130°C, short-term load 150°C

Application conditions: from +10°C and up to 80% relative humidity

Set to touch after 6–8 hours (at 20°C)

Hardened after 24 hours (at 20°C)

Final hardness after 3–4 days (at 20°C)

Compatible base coat: Synthetic primer 

Top coat: Synthetic resin enamel

Theoretical coverage per litre: 7.5–8.0m²/kg 

**Please click MSDS icon below for manufacturer MSDS Data for Synthetic Resin paints supplied